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Seminars & Workshops


5 Dec (Sat) or 12 Dec (Sat)

10.30am (duration: 1 hour)

Mimamoru - Its Concepts & Practices

by Professor Heiji Fujimori &

HOIKU Ambassador Ms Thian Ai Ling

Place: Facebook (Private Group)

Fee: Complimentary

To “mimamoru” a child is to watch over the child with affection and protection, carefully observing them and identifying their needs, The goals is not to “teach” or “instruct” the children directly, or even quickly intervening to correct misbehaviour, but to arrange children’s social and physical ecologies so that over time, children will have the opportunity to think and learn naturally.

Join us on either 5 Dec (Sat) or 12 Dec (Sat) to hear from Mimamoru founder, Professor Fujimori & HOIKU-Mimamoru Ambassador Ms Thian Ai Ling (General Manager, My First Skool / afterschool by NTUC First Campus) where they will share and explain the concepts and practices of Mimamoru.

Who should attend?

  • Parents

  • Parents-to-be

  • Preschool Principals & Educators

Childcare is an activity to come close to children's path to live as human beings; to feel empathy with that way of life and to extract the power to live. 

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