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Learning from ECDA in Singapore

At the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) in Singapore, we were able to hear from Ms. Fong, one of the general managers of a system called SPARK, which was created to manage "Childcare Quality”.

According to Ms. Fong, SPARK has been running for the past nine years and so far about 1,000 kindergartens and childcare centres have passed the SPARK's rigorous screening and have been approved. A list of kindergartens and childcare centres approved by SPARK is published on the site operated by SPARK, and interested parents can also view the list and select it.

One of the many successes that has been seen since SPARK was launched is that the number of students who need reading from the learning support program has dropped from 14% to 12%. It was explained that serious consideration of the “Quality of Childcare” during infancy and the provision of an environment in which students can learn letters and numbers in their childhood, have proven to help improve the basic learning skills of children thereafter.

Ms. Fong also showed interest in “Watch, Wait and Respond-Mimamoru Childcare” and said that she was paying attention to future trends in Singapore.

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