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The Mimamoru Difference

If it is felt that the children are not living better, the solution is not to make them do something different, but to evaluate whether the environment promotes proper development and whether the children are enjoying an active life in it. The evaluation of the environment enveloping the children should include the people, objects and spaces around them as well as their status in that environment. 

THREE Pillars of

Mimamoru Childcare


Did you believe entirely in the importance of the children's existence?

Children have the power to grow on their own. Mimamoru is possible if you accept their existence as human beings with respectable personalities, despite bing children.


did you interact with them with sincerity?

When interacting with children, the personality of the caregiver is passed on to them. Mimamoru means interacting with a sincere mind and treating children as independent.


can you watch over (mimamoru) children?

One can watch over children only by believing in them and dealing with them with utmost sincerity.

Are you a childcare operator and seeking for childcare curriculum?

Speak with our Mimamoru specialist to learn how you can operate your childcare centre with one of the leading Japanese practical childcare & curriculum guide based on Mimamoru philosophy for our future generations.

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