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Lecture in Korea, raising awareness of “Watch, Wait and Respond-Mimamoru Childcare"

Professor Heiji Fujimori was invited to a commemorative ceremony for the establishment of the new faculty of early childhood education at the graduate school of Changsin University near Busan, Korea on December 19, 2019, and gave a lecture.

In Korea, the Nuri Course (Child Research Net) is scheduled to be revised from March 2020. The content of this course will mainly focus on children and play. Due to that, it is said that it will be something similar to the “Watch, Wait and Respond-Mimamoru Childcare” advocated by Professor Fujimori.

The lecture was attended by more than 200 undergraduate and graduate students, professors, directors, and other stakeholders. Active questions and answers were held, and in addition to the lecture, an extensive exchange of opinions were held. We were able to see the high interest in “Watch, Wait and Respond-Mimamoru Childcare”

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